Building of the Transcontinental Railroad -- Video and Talk Announced

Event Date: 
2012-03-28 18:30

Award winning video producer Bill George will present a video and talk on the Transcontinental Railroad 6:30 p.m. March 28 for the Clarksville Region Historical Society. Geroge has over 35 years of experience as a broadcast journalism and has produced several award-winning documentaries, including two Emmys. He will be showing the video "Hidden Wonder of the World, the Transcendental Railroad form Sacramento to Donnor Summit."

The meeting will be at the El Dorado Hills Library, 7455 Silva Valley Parkway.
After the video he will talk about making the of the video and answer questions about the railroad.

The Pacific Railroad constituted one of the most significant and ambitious American technological feats of the 19th century following in the footsteps of the building of the Erie Canal in the 1820s and the crossing of the Isthmus of Panama by the Panama Railroad in 1855. It provided much faster, safer and cheaper (eight days and about $65 economy) transport east and west for people and goods.

The rail line was an important goal of President Abraham Lincoln, fostered during the early portion of his term and completed four years after his death. The building of the railroad was motivated in part to bind California to the Union during the American Civil War.

The Clarksville Region Historical Society (CRHS) was organized in 2006 by a group of citizens in the Clarksville area, now known as El Dorado Hills. The goal of CRHS is to preserve and protect the rich history and heritage in the area around El Dorado Hills. CRHS is a 501(c)(3). Betty January 916-933-3173.


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